Translide® Inkjet Clear Transfer Paper



1 Step® Translide® Inkjet Clear Paper is designed to make your own waterslide decals for "cold application," to personalize model airplanes, smartphones and tablets, sports applications, ceramic and glassware, candles, helmets, fingernails, etc. Since most inkjet printers do not have a white ink component, you may want to take a look at our Transjet Waterslide Opaque for white backing onto dark-colored substrates.

  • Peels: Cold
  • Finish: Matte or Glossy (depends on type of UV spray finish)
  • Recommended Materials: Glass, ceramic, metal, wood, plastic and other hard substrates
  • Recommended Printers: OEM inks, dye pigmented inks, and solvent based inks
  • Compatible with: OEM inks and dye pigmented inks
  • Sizes: 8.5x11 (A4), 11x17 (A3)
  • Note: Decals for ceramic and glassware cannot be fired onto the item, but they can be "cured" at low oven temperatures for added durability. A U/V sealant spray is required for use to ensure waterproofing and enhance the durability of the decal.


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