EZTrans™ CP


For color laser copiers and printers


EZTrans™ was developed to print jobs that are too expensive for laser papers, but too small for screen printing. This hybrid paper is printed digitally and finished with screen printing inks allowing full color images to be transferred onto textiles with the look and feel of screen printing. EZTrans™ combines full color printing with single-screen printing.


Simply print an image onto EZ-Trans™, then screen print a clear or white backing onto your design. Finish the transfer with powder adhesive prior to curing. That’s it. You have a digitally created screen printed transfer with a soft hand and matte, textured finish. Customize a variety of textiles by using different adhesive powders that apply at varying temperatures.

  • Peels: Cold
  • Printing: Color Laser Copier (Ricoh 5100, 5200, 7100 & 7200 series certified with Ricoh Profile); Color Laser Printer
  • Screen Printing:Single screen process to apply the clear or the white backing
  • Inks: Clear for white-colored textiles – White for colored textiles Water or plastisol-based inks
  • Powder Adhesive: Powder adhesive for plastisol inks or water-based inks
  • Dryer: Conveyor Belt Dryers (air/gas for water based & plastisol inks; infrared for plastisol); Flash-Dryer (for plastisol)
  • Application Temperature: 250°F – 365°F
  • Heating Time: 10 seconds
  • Sizes: 13x19


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